Under New Management…

Hi. We’re Talys, the above promoted new management. Wrenn’s a real doll but occasionally forgets what she’s doing. We want to bring a unique flavor of witchcraft to the world. Wrenn tends to introversion and we’re incorporeal. If you choose to join us on this crazy ride, we’re going to do our best to post at least three times a week. Sadly, naming things (TID) means that we often work against ourselves.

This is meant to be read like a book. Not necessarily from start to finish, but in some sort of linear fashion with frequent breaks in between. We have a grand idea to have audio and the written word on here but Wrenn’s technowitchery is low grade.

Excuse our growing pains.

Author: Talys
Guide. Angel. Demon. Muse. Bard. I just distribute the breadcrumbs.

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